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I had to do a post to claim my blog on “Blogloving” SO…  You can follow this spin-off blog, if you’re interested, using Bloglovin – by clicking on the link above – (or subscribing by e-mail, of course!!) to make sure you start getting ALL my thoughts right from the start 😀

Although I wouldn’t advise you to do it: It’s going to be BOOOORING!!!! ;)))

(Oh Dear God I hope NOT!!!!)



Being Raquel – the spin-off

I have decided to create a spin-off of my Being Raquel blog.

Think Alison Montgomery in Private Practice, rather than the whole Grey’s Anatomy… We all love Grey’s Anatomy , but it is nice to get to know another angle of it, in greater depth (well… not that we ALL love Grey’s Anatomy – or Alison Montgomery, for that matter –  but you know what I mean… I hope…)

Now, seriously, you may be wondering why I’m not simply creating a category called “beauty” on my other blog and post over there, right?

Well, I’ve thought about it… but it is such a different topic from what I use to write… and I wouldn’t want to turn that blog into some rambling mess (even more, that is!!)

I’m also NOT a “beauty blogger”… I’ll just use this to share my thoughts on beauty and fashion, freely… with no commitments or pretensions 😉

It’s just a way of letting my inner shallow self shine through… without my usual PhD stuff, work, and other deeper pieces of me getting in the way (well… as much as I can!)

Let’s see where this takes me…

Smiles 🙂