Being Raquel – the spin-off

I have decided to create a spin-off of my Being Raquel blog.

Think Alison Montgomery in Private Practice, rather than the whole Grey’s Anatomy… We all love Grey’s Anatomy , but it is nice to get to know another angle of it, in greater depth (well… not that we ALL love Grey’s Anatomy – or Alison Montgomery, for that matter –  but you know what I mean… I hope…)

Now, seriously, you may be wondering why I’m not simply creating a category called “beauty” on my other blog and post over there, right?

Well, I’ve thought about it… but it is such a different topic from what I use to write… and I wouldn’t want to turn that blog into some rambling mess (even more, that is!!)

I’m also NOT a “beauty blogger”… I’ll just use this to share my thoughts on beauty and fashion, freely… with no commitments or pretensions 😉

It’s just a way of letting my inner shallow self shine through… without my usual PhD stuff, work, and other deeper pieces of me getting in the way (well… as much as I can!)

Let’s see where this takes me…

Smiles 🙂



10 thoughts on “Being Raquel – the spin-off

  1. Rachel, we have to keep a blog for pleasure but also for fun and hobby.

    People are also very bad in the virtual world, and it hurts me so much, why here we find different opinions and “massacres” on all sides, when it comes to charges and the like.

    I’ve been through some boring stuff to have a blog and talk about fashion and makes, the more I take it all in stride and pray for the haters.

    Keep your faithful blog readers to like me, whenever I can come visit and comments.

    Keep your blog because they like and not out of obligation!


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